The global requirement for mobile based content and application functionality is growing at an astounding rate. More and more organisations are recognising the need for mobile offerings for both their employees and customers.

Either stand-alone, as part of a larger solution or as an exercise in integration with your existing systems Learning and Media Services can provide both consultancy and software development in the field of mobile technology.

HTML5 Applications On-Line and On-Device

Using a combination of HTML5 and native frameworks we can offer both rapid prototyping and native applications across a range of mobile platforms including, but not limited to, Apple iOS, Android and Windows.

Whether an organisation has its own preferred platform, approach to distribution or wishes to use vendor application stores we have the skills and experience to implement an end to end solution.

Responsive Design

We can create websites and apps that are fully responsive to provide an optimised experience to the wide range of devices and form factors in use.

3C iValuate

In partnership with 3C Associates we have created a simple Leadership and Management mobile app allowing you to assess your own performance and receive an easy to read, colourful report showing you which management skills and behaviours you can invest in to improve performance, along with some practical advice you can implement now.

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