Learning and Media Services offer a number core services including consultancy and software development. Whilst based squarely in learning industry both services can be offered against fields from the wider arena of the technology industry.


Our team has accumulated significant experience in the fields of learning technology and the wider internet industry. We can offer insight into learning and technology strategy as well as advice and practical suggestions regarding approach to a range of common issues for a variety of organisations.

We have a proven track record of success with small, medium and blue-chip organisations in addition to significant public sector experience.

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Software Development

We specialise in developing modern software solutions to a variety of needs. Utilising the latest technologies and frameworks we work smartly to create real world software solutions.

Our pragmatic approach ensures that we can offer highly competitive budgets without compromising on quality.

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Going Mobile

In addition to the development of systems on the desktop or web we can also cater to the growing requirement or mobile delivery of content and functionality

Either stand-alone, as part of a larger solution or as an exercise in integration with your existing systems Learning and Media Services can provide both consultancy and software development in the field of mobile technology.

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