At Learning and Media Services we are primarily offer software development and consultancy services however we have a number of product based offerings planned for 2016.

Learning Video Library

The Learning Video Library provides a platform allowing organisations to leverage video content, whether comprising existing archive or user generated materials. The flexible feature set allows for delivery of focussed, course based or just-in-time training.

Utilising modern cloud, streaming and internet based technologies the Learning Video Library can be scaled dependent on the size of the organisation as well as the size of the content catalogue.

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Open Source Offerings

As part of our service offering to our clients we can advise and implement systems, process and projects utilising Open Source systems.

As we grow we hope to give back to the community by providing access to development orientated Open Source frameworks and tools.

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Virtual Reality

Using Google Cardboard and other tools we are developing a suite of VR based learning scenarios.

Affordable access to VR is finally a realistic proposition and we believe this technology, when used appropriately, can support effective and engaging learning experiences.