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Our Learning Video Library product provides an innovative approach to managing video based content as well as allowing it to be leveraged for the purposes of focussed, course based or just-in-time training.

A video demonstration from our prototype is available here.

Many organisations already have large video catalogues. Coupled with the advent of user generated content both the use, and just as importantly, the potential of this media has grown exponentially in recent years.

Historically however, deriving value from video content has required time consuming use of professional and technical skills.

Our solution is designed to give an organisation an automatically meta-data tagged library of video that is searchable and consumable. It’s features include:

  • Machine Transcripts[1] – allowing automated keywords, cataloguing, meta-data and content discovery
  • HTML5 – allowing for maximum device support (including Flash fall-back for backwards compatibility)
  • Streaming – for a responsive user experience and to minimise data footprint
  • Cloud Technology – allowing a scalable service that is flexible to demand
  • Comments and Forums – allowing discussion, informal learning, signposting and expert commentary
  • Advanced Player – allowing rapid navigation of video content as well as community features and mark-up
  • Security – protection against sharing and republishing using features including  URL signing and watermarks

If your organisation has, or is expecting to have, a number of videos to manage then the  Learning Video Library is an ideal platform for getting more from your video content.

The product allows videos to be chaptered, sectioned and tagged with meta-data using both automatic and manual techniques.  This flexibility of functionality allows both authors and end-users to search for and create useful routes through content as well as providing multiple options for the custom delineation of learning.

A video demonstration from our prototype is available here.

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[1] The following languages are supported for machine transcripts: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French and Dutch)